EDAPS 2017

Tutorials/Workshops and Special Sessions

Tutorial 1:

Title: High-Speed Circuit Modeling and Design Using X Parameters

Speaker: Jose Schutt-Aine (University of Illinois, Urbana)

Contact Information: josec@emlab.illinois.edu

Workshop 1:

Title: Multiphysis Modeling and Simulation for Advanced Integration and Packaging

Speakers: J. M . Jin (University of Illinois)

L. J. Jiang (University of Hongkong)

G. B. Xiao (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Contact Information:

j-jin1@illinois.edu, jianglj@hku.hk and gaobiaoxiao@sjtu.edu.cn

Workshop 2:

Title: Advanced 3DIC Design with Silicon Interposer

Speakers: Dr. Wenliang Dai/ Xpeedic Technology, Co. Ltd.

Contact Information: wenliang.dai@xpeedic.com

Workshop 3:

Title: PEEC Modeling for Signal Integrity and EMC Analysis

Speakers: Ke-Li Wu  (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Lijun Jiang  (University of Hongkong)

Tzong-Lin Wu (National Taiwan University)

Contact Information: klwu@ee.cuhk.edu.hk, ljiang@eee.hku.hk and tlwu@ntu.edu.tw
Workshop 4:
Title: Interconnect Characterization and IPC D24D Standard Development
Speakers: Jun Fan, Xiaoning Ye, Richard Zai, Chunfei Ye and Jimmy Hsu
Contact Information:jfan@mst.edu,xiaoning.ye@intel.com, rzai@packetmicro.com, chunfei.ye@intel.com, jimmy.hsu@intel.com
Workshop 5:
Title: Analyzing Power Supply Induced Jitter in I/O Buffers: from Simple to Complex
Speakers: Jun Fan, Jingook Kim and Xiuqin Chu
Contact Information:jfan@mst.edu, jingook@unist.ac.kr, xqchu@mail.xidian.edu.cn
Workshop 6:
Title: Machine Learning for Hardware Design
Speakers: Madhavan Swaminathan and Paul Franzon
Contact Information:madhavan@ece.gatech.edu and paulf@ncsu.edu

Special Session 1:

Title: Carbon-based Interconnect Modeling and Design for 3-D Integration and Packaging Systems

Organizer: Libo Qian, Wen-Sheng Zhao

Contact Information: qianlibo@nbu.edu.cn and wshzhao@hdu.edu.cn

Special Session 2:

Title: Collaborative Design of High-Performance Miniaturized Passives for SoP

Organizer: Lin-Sheng Wu, Xiu-Yin Zhang

Contact Information: wallish@sjtu.edu.cn and zhangxiuyin@scut.edu.cn

Special Session 3:

Title: Computational Electromagnetics for Modeling, Analysis and Optimization of Advanced Integrated and Packaging Systems

Organizer: Xiaomin Pan, Dazhi Ding

Contact Information: xmpan@bit.edu.cn and dzding@njust.edu.cn

Special Session 4:

Title: Design and Simulation of High-Performance Interconnects and Microwave Circuits

Organizer: Xiaochun Li, Min Tang

Contact Information: lixc@sjtu.edu.cn and tm222@sjtu.edu.cn

Special Session 5:

Title: Advanced Packaging and 3D Integration

Organizer: Cheng Zhuo

Contact Information: czhuo@zju.edu.cn

Special Session 6:

Title: Multiphysics Modeling and Design of Transistors,Memory and Optoelectronic Devices for Low Power  ICs

Organizer: Wenchao Chen, Jun Huang

Contact Information:

wenchaochen@zju.edu.cn and huang599@purdue.edu

Special Session 7:

Title: Multiphysics Modeling and Design of Passives and Actives with High Reliability
Organizer: Liang Zhou

Contact Information: liangzhou@sjtu.edu.cn

Special Session 8:

Title: Emerging Materials and Device Technologies for ICs and Systems
Organizer: Yuehang Xu

Contact Information: yuehangxu@uestc.edu.cn

Special Session 9:

Title: Nano-Electronics for 3D-ICs and SiP

Organizer: Jing Chen and Yang Xu

Contact Information: j.chen@pku.edu.cn and yangxu-isee@zju.edu.cn

Special Session 10:

Title: Antenna and Packaging Systems

Organizer: Hongli Peng and Yaoping Zhang

Contact Information: hl.peng@sjtu.edu.cn and zhangyp58@sjtu.edu.cn

Special Session 11:

Title: Electronic Design of MM-Wave Integrated Circuits and Systems

Organizer: Kai Kang

Contact Information: kangkai@uestc.edu.cn

Special Session 12:

Title: Design of wearable and body-centric eleectronics modules and systems

Organizer:Prof. Gaosheng Li and Xianjun Huang

Contact Information: gaosheng7070@vip.163.com

Special Session 13:

Title: Metamaterials and Plasmonics: Electrical Designs for Advanced Integration and Packaging

Organizer:Prof.Qingfeng Zhang and Dr. Dongying Li

Contact Information:zhang.qf@sustc.edu.cn

Special Session 14:

Title: FDTD and FDFD Methods for CEM and Multiphysics Simulation of Mulitscale Structures

Organizer:Wei E.I. Sha and Zhixiang Huang

Contact Information: dr.weisha@gmail.com  and zxhuang@ahu.edu.cn

Special Session 15:

Title: Novel Structure Design for High Power Application

Organizer:Long Xiao and Yue Li

Contact Information: longxiaocn@yeah.net and lyee@tsinghua.edu.cn

Special Session 16:

Title: MMIC Design and Packaging

Organizer:Kaixue Ma and Fanyi Meng

Contact Information: makaixue@uestc.edu.cn and mengfanyi@uestc.edu.cn

Special Session 17:

Title: Electrical Design of Reconfigurable RF Devices and Circuits for Advanced Systems Integration

Organizer:Taijun Liu and Jian Wang

Contact Information: liutaijun@nbu.edu.cn and wangjian1@nbu.edu.cn

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Andreas C Cangellaris
M. E. Van Valkenburg Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dean, College of Engineering

Kaustav Banerjee

University of California, Santa Barbara

2D Materials for Smart Life

Tetsu Tanaka

Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan

3D-IC Technology: Reliability Challenges and Biomedical Application

Jun Fan

EMC Laboratory, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Signal Integrity Designs of HBM in 3D Packaging